Cub Camp Photos

The pictures below give a flavour of the challenge, excitement and fun that was had at this year’s camp at Kingswood.

  • This year we slept in a hut

  • All activities were supported by fully-trained instructors

  • Team-work was required to get everyone up Jacob's Ladder

  • Trust was required on the nightline

  • Cubs quad-bike driving skills were put to the test

  • Some didn't want to get off!

  • Fencing taught fitness and respect

  • Archery also went down well

  • One night the pack was challenged to a giant game of Twister!

  • Another they had to pitch their ideas in the Dragon's Den


More photos of the camp will be available at the Group AGM on Wednesday the 17th of September.

  • There was plenty of chance to perfect fire lighting skills

  • Shelters were constructed

  • using a range of designs

  • Fitness and teamwork was tested on the assault course

  • No camp is complete without a rope swing

  • Several cubs were almost swallowed by this giant tyre trap

  • Though there was also time for chilling

  • a bit of reflection...

  • and a visit to the Tuck Shop!

  • not that sweets should have been needed after the hearty meals

  • The zipwire was fast...

  • ...but ended with a smile

  • Most people's favourite was the 3G-swing

  • Even the leaders had a go