OSM Direct Debits

We use the My.SCOUT tool to make it easy to collect payments.

The first time you set it up, you will be prompted to set up an account with the GoCardless system that we are using.

The idea is that you provide the details here once and can then opt to authorise each payment individually, or set up a subscription to automatically pay due amounts (you will get an email a few days in advance of any debit).

In this example we will look at how to pay your child’s subscription fees, but the process for paying for an event (e.g. a camp) is very similar.

From the Payments tab, you should see a Subs entry something like this, offering two ways to pay:

  1. Set up a “subscription” – essentially authorising direct debits for repeat payments like termly subscriptions
  2. Paying Now as a one-off payment.
The two payment options
The two payment options

In this example we will set up a Subscription, by clicking the Setup Subscription button, but the process is the same for a single payment.

A new form opens, asking you how you want to pay. Assuming you don’t already have an account, select the option:

I don’t have a GoCardless account to see a form like this:

You are prompted for your email address, names, address, etc.
Creating a GoCardless account

After providing this information, scroll down and you are prompted for your bank details:

bank details
Choose a secure password!

After completing the form,  press Continue
and you are returned to My.SCOUT. You  should see a message saying that the direct debit has been set up successfully:

Confirmation that the payment has been set up
Confirmation that the payment has been set up

You are also prompted to indicate whether or not the Scout Group can collect Gift Aid from your payments. This doesn’t cost you a penny, but can give us 25% more!


Press the Opt in/Opt out button.

If you are employed and eligible for Gift Aid, you’ll see a page like this:

You are prompted to agree that you are eligible for Gift Aid

After pressing the Confirm button you are returned to My.SCOUT.
Everything is now setup – thank you!

If you check your email, you should have an email like this, confirming that the Direct Debit has been created (if you chose Setup Subscription) or a payment has been made (if you chose Pay Now):

The email should identify the bank/building society and last few digits of the account – check these are correct!

Using GoCardless with more than one child

If you have more than one child, you don’t need to create another GoCardless account, you can link their entry to the one you have just set up:

Switch to the second child’s account in My.SCOUT

osm pay 09

Then from the Payments page,  repeat your payment choice (i.e. click on Pay Now or  Setup Subscription).

You will see this form again:

Sign in to GoCardless again

This time choose the option I have a GoCardless account
and log in, to return to My.SCOUT.

Complete the GiftAid declaration as before.
You are done (and will receive an email about this new Direct Debit/Payment too).

Making a Payment

In this example subs are due. You will receive an email three days before the money is due to be removed to confirm the transaction:

Email alerting you to an impending payment

You can always click the View Details button next to the subs entry to see which payments have been collected and when the next one is due:

The two payment options
Details of your subscription payments