Amazon Row

row2Not content with rowing across the Atlantic, ex-Scout  is now planning to row the navigable length of the Amazon River – a total distance of 3,342 km (2,077 miles) – from Nauta in Peru to Macapá in Brazil. Part of a five person crew, their boat “the Bishop” leaves in November and they hope to complete the journey in approximately 30 days.

The Crew
The Crew – Stephen is second from the right.

The team will face very challenging conditions: intense sun, heat and very high levels of humidity. Each day they’ll have to ensure they can find clean drinking water to avoid dehydration and debilitating sickness. On the water they’ll have to dodge fallen trees and the enormous river barge convoys – day and night. Navigating the remote upper reaches of the Peruvian Amazon, the dense forests of Colombia, and the busy shipping lanes of Brazil will demand immense stamina, a very high degree of committed training and above all strength of mind and teamwork.

Each member of the team is raising funds for charities that matter to them. We are delighted that once again Stephen has chosen to support the 1st Stocksfield Scouts. If you want to support his efforts please use the following link:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Tracking map from provided by Expedition Tracker and Voyage Manager.

Piranha photo by warriorwoman531