On Target

Stocksfield Scouts joined colleagues from across Hadrian District in the annual .177 air rifle shooting competition. Congratulations to our highest placed sharp-shooters: Joe won third place, Aidan was second and Zachary was first! After the event Archie was confirmed as winning the prize for being closest to the bullseye.

Chinese New Year

Cubs spent the night learning about Chinese New Year

  • Copying symbols using a 9x9 grid

    Cubs learnt to write Happy New Year in Chinese script

  • Creating the dragons

    Working on their dragons

  • Dragon-dancing in the hut

    Dragon-dancing in the hut


There was much hilarity learning which year they were born in and trying to eat noodles using chopsticks!

Wet Wet Wet

The Camp Badge
The Camp Badge

This year’s District Winter Camp at Kielder will be hard to forget. It was always going to be special, as it was the 25th year of the camp – resulting in a name change – Silver rather than the normal Brass Monkey – and a special badge.

The strong winds and heavy rain associated with storm Desmond that caused so much havoc elsewhere this weekend, also challenged our Scouts.

Digging Ditches
Digging Ditches

Luckily the position of our camp in the forest meant we were sheltered from the worst of the wind if not the rain. It was a strange feeling falling asleep in a tent being pelted by rain and pine cones!

Indoor Rowing Races
Indoor Rowing Races

The staff at Hawkhirst were great and did their best to keep everyone warm and dry. The evening activities moved to a barn so the Scouts were able to shed their waterproofs, play games and forget about the weather for a while!

Scout Post 2015

Local residents can use Scout Post to have cards delivered to addresses in Broomley, Hedley, Mickley and Stocksfield (with a NE43 postcode). Cards should be placed into the special Scout Postboxes located in the two Post Offices in Stocksfield and we ask for a minimum donation of 20p per card. Collections start on the 1st of December. The last day for posting is Friday, December 18 at 12 noon.

The cards are  delivered by members of the Scout Group. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can collect their allotted cards from Philippa’s house (25 Cade Hill Road) between 3pm and 6pm each Friday, or 9am to 12 noon on Saturday.

Amazon Row

row2Not content with rowing across the Atlantic, ex-Scout  is now planning to row the navigable length of the Amazon River – a total distance of 3,342 km (2,077 miles) – from Nauta in Peru to Macapá in Brazil. Part of a five person crew, their boat “the Bishop” leaves in November and they hope to complete the journey in approximately 30 days.

The Crew
The Crew – Stephen is second from the right.

The team will face very challenging conditions: intense sun, heat and very high levels of humidity. Each day they’ll have to ensure they can find clean drinking water to avoid dehydration and debilitating sickness. On the water they’ll have to dodge fallen trees and the enormous river barge convoys – day and night. Navigating the remote upper reaches of the Peruvian Amazon, the dense forests of Colombia, and the busy shipping lanes of Brazil will demand immense stamina, a very high degree of committed training and above all strength of mind and teamwork.

Each member of the team is raising funds for charities that matter to them. We are delighted that once again Stephen has chosen to support the 1st Stocksfield Scouts. If you want to support his efforts please use the following link:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Tracking map from amazon-row.com provided by Expedition Tracker and Voyage Manager.

Piranha photo by warriorwoman531

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