Group Fun Day – 16th July

All Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, their parents and siblings are invited to the 1st Stocksfield Group Fun Day. This year it will be held at Broomley Grange (NE43 7RX) – [map].

Come along and join in the fun – try out the zip wire, assault course, etc. and see what everyone has got up to this year. There will be presentations from each section and the annual awards ceremony. Food will be provided. All welcome.


We are delighted to announce that we plan to begin phase 1 of the work on our new hut shortly. We will be sharing photos as the work progresses.

This phase will begin with demolition of the old hut and clearance of the site. After that the new foundations will be constructed, ready to receive the new basic wooden hut, roof, windows and doors.

Phase 2 (when funds allow) will see us fit out the inside of the hut and the extra parts used for storing equipment, providing a separate kitchen, etc.

Lighting up the Night

At Scouts tonight patrols built small signal beacons out of bamboo before moving on to a monster beacon that towered into the night. A great way to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday (though to be honest I doubt it was visible from Windsor)!

Night Hike

On Friday night two patrols from Stocksfield – the Tigers and the Nightmares – took part in the District Night Hike. They joined eleven other patrols who had to navigate around a fourteen point course in the countryside.

Not content with the challenge of keeping en route and answering the quiz questions at each stage, our Scouts added their own twist. One patrol created an impromptu self-rescue activity when one Scout got his boot stuck in the middle of a large patch of mud in the woods. Another managed to catch (and later release) a small shrew that was probably not expecting to see all these Scouts out after dark.

Photo by Jo Reeve

On Target

Stocksfield Scouts joined colleagues from across Hadrian District in the annual .177 air rifle shooting competition. Congratulations to our highest placed sharp-shooters: Joe won third place, Aidan was second and Zachary was first! After the event Archie was confirmed as winning the prize for being closest to the bullseye.

Chinese New Year

Cubs spent the night learning about Chinese New Year

  • Copying symbols using a 9x9 grid

    Cubs learnt to write Happy New Year in Chinese script

  • Creating the dragons

    Working on their dragons

  • Dragon-dancing in the hut

    Dragon-dancing in the hut


There was much hilarity learning which year they were born in and trying to eat noodles using chopsticks!

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