Time for a New Hut

The old hut served the Scout Group well for many years. It did, however, come to the end of its useful life and we needed to replace it.

Scout Hut

Plans were drawn up by the Group Executive and approved by Northumberland Council in 2013.

Discussing the fine details

Work on the new hut is being co-ordinated with the local community – including our neighbours Stocksfield Tennis Club, Stocksfield Community Association (SICA), Broomley and Stocksfield Parish Council and Northumberland County Council.

The Story So Far

Phase 1

The old hut was emptied…

Empty hut

…and the equipment safely packed up for storage.

Tractor and trailer

It could could then be demolished,


the site prepared


and work begin to lay the foundations for the new hut

Blockwork walls

so completing phase 1.

Phase 2

The aim of this phase is to build a basic rectangular hut. We started with the walls and floor

Wooden panels

before adding the rafters

Roof timbers

and finally tiling the roof and cladding the exterior with larch.

Roof and clad walls

This allowed us to begin work to begin on the inside. Some tasks required specialists, such as plastering the walls


and the first fix of electrics and plumbing

Johnny Best fitting lights

There are plenty of opportunities for parents and youth members to help where they could:

Parents helping

Scouts marking plasterboard

Phase 3

A large unexpected donation allowed us to begin work on Phase 3 earlier than planned. This means we can now add the kitchen (shown below) and external store (at the other side)…

New Kitchen

…and have dug out the foundations for the access ramp

Digging the foundations


All this has only been made possible because of our fundraising
If you have any ideas please contact us.