The Hadrian’s Wall Challenge

Listed below are the walk sections which make up the full Hadrian’s Wall Walk. Each is around 5 miles long and starts and finishes at a road junction or village. Please could you let Claire Collinson know which section your Beaver/Cub/Scout wants to do and when they will be doing the walk. It is absolutely fine if a number of boys and girls do the same section or do more than one section, just so long as by the end of the summer we have all of the sections covered!

Note that whilst we expect every walker will be able to take advantage of the best of British sunshine, we need to plan for the unexpected! All leaders have a suggested equipment list and we will be using the standard Scouting InTouch system to ensure we know when any walkers are out and when they have returned safely. You need to discuss your plans with one of the Section Leaders before departing.

trailblazerIf you let Claire know which section you want to do, she can email you a more detailed route plan and description, or if you have access to the book Hadrian’s Wall Path by Henry Stedman, there are good maps in there.

Once you have chosen your walk section, the idea is either to do the walk as a family or meet up with friends for a nice day out over the summer weekends. There is a large green Challenge poster up in the hut where we can record how the children are progressing with the Challenge. When you have completed a section of walk either mark on which section you have done and when or let Claire know and she will mark it off. There is lots of space on the poster for photos so if you email Claire a photo of your Beaver/Cub/Scout en route, we will post it. Also, if you are happy for a photo from your walk to be added to this Group website and the Virgin Money fundraising pages, please let Claire know and she will upload them.

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Some potential challengers lined up with Claire
Some potential challengers lined up with Claire

Claire will be walking/running the entire route over 3 days between 17 and 19 July 2015. If anyone wishes to join her for all or part of the walk she will be setting off from Wallsend on Friday 17 July and finishing in Bowness on Solway on Sunday 19th July. Alternatively, if you want to do a part or all of the walk as a separate challenge event or perhaps do something different on a different weekend, that would be great. It is possible to create your own challenge site on the Virgin Giving Site linked directly to 1st Stocksfield Scouts.

If there are any questions, please contact either Claire or Malcolm Murray (GSL).

Good luck to all of the boys and girls in raising as much money for the New Hut as possible and hopefully having some fun doing so,

Claire Collinson

Walk Sections

1. Wallsend to Tyne Bridge

Start at Segedunum Roman Fort in Wallsend. A flat walk following the Tyne through Walker, Walker Riverside Park, St Anthony’s Marina and along Newcastle Quayside, finishing beneath the Tyne Bridge.

2. Tyne Bridge to Lemington

Start on Newcastle Quayside, beneath the Tyne Bridge. Following the riverside path west along the Tyne through Scotswood, Denton Dene and ending at Lemington village centre, Lemington Glass Cone.

3. Lemington to Heddon on the Wall

Start at Lemington village centre, Lemington Glass Cone. Walking past the Boathouse Inn, Newburn, along the riverside path towards Wylam, through Close House Golf course and ending at Heddon on the Wall village, petrol station.

4. Heddon on the Wall to Northern Lakes/B6309

Start at the petrol station in Heddon on the Wall, walking along the B6318, over the A69 onto the path along the Military Road. Passing Rudchester Fort and Harlow Hill, finishes at the crossroads at the Northern Lakes / B6309.

5. Northern Lakes/B6309 to Halton Chesters Fort

Starting at the Northern Lakes / B6309 crossroads, continuing west past the Robin Hood Inn and Vallum Farmshop, continuing on the wall walk along the Military Road ending at Halton Chesters Fort (just east of the Errington Arms).

6. Halton Chesters Fort to Chollerford

Start at Halton Chesters Fort (just east of the Errington Arms), cross over the roundabout by the Errington Arms and continue west on the path beside the Military Road, past St Oswald’s Hill Head (nice tea room!), Heavenfield and Planetrees. The path goes past Brunton Turret and then crosses the North Tyne to finish at Chollerford, The George Inn.

7. Chollerford to Carraw

Start at The George Inn at Chollerford, walking west beside the road past Chesters fort, uphill past Walwick and into Northumberland National Park. This walk passes great sections of wall at Black Carts, the Northernmost point of the Roman Empire and Brocolitia Roman Fort. Finish at Carraw (Bed & Breakfast), on the Military Road.

8. Carraw to Housesteads

This section starts at Carraw Bed & Breakfast on the Military Road and continues west, initially alongside the road and then moving away north past Sewing Shields Farm and Sewingshieds Crags and Broomlee Lough, finishing at Housesteads Roman Fort Car Park on the Military Road.

9. Housesteads to Turret 41A

Start at Housesteads Roman Fort Car Park, walking up to the Fort and onto the wall path, turning west past Housesteads Crags, Cuddy’s Crags, Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap to the carpark at Steel Rigg. The path then continues past Winshields Crag and finishes at the minor road called Caw Gap, just east of Turret 41A. (This is the turn off north between the Milecastle Inn and Once Brewed on the Military Road).

10. Turret 41A to Greenhead Road

This section starts at Caw Gap, just east of Turret 41A on the minor road between the Milecastle Inn and Once Brewed on the Military Road. Walking west along the wall, the path goes past Burnhead B&B and Great Chesters Fort, Walltown Crags and Thirlwall Castle. This section ends just after crossing the railway line on the road just north of Greenhead village. (Tea room in Greenhead).

11. Greenhead Road to Banks

Starting where the trail crosses the road just north of Greenhead village, this section continues west past Chapel House Farm, Poltross Burn and crosses the railway line again and through Gilsland village. After the village, the path goes past Birdoswald and finishes at the road junction in the small village of Banks.

12. Banks to Newtown

From the road junction in the village of Banks the route passes a “snack hut” at Haytongate and goes through Walton village. It then crosses Cam Beck with good views of a weir and waterfall and finishes in the village of Newtown.

13. Newtown to Crosby on Eden

Starting in Newtown, the path goes through fields and woods to Oldwall and another “Stall on the Wall” honesty box and into the village of Crosby-on-Eden, finishing at St John’s Church.

14. Crosby on Eden to Carlisle (Sands Sports Centre)

From St John’s church in Crosby-on-Eden, the path heads alongside the River Eden and through Linstock before crossing the M6. The path then follows alongside the River Eden, first crossing an Iron Bridge and then through a golf course and this section finishes at the Sands Sports Centre in the outskirts of Carlisle (where there is a café and Hadrian’s Wall passport stamping point).

15. Carlisle (Sands Sports Centre) to Beaumont

From the Sands Sports Centre in Carlisle, path follows the River Eden through the outskirts of Carlisle and through the small village of Grinsdale (drinks honesty box) and finishes at the church in the village of Beaumont.

16. Grinsdale to Boustead Hill Road

Starting at the church in Beaumont the path continues west, to start with on a bridleway and then onto the road, through the village of Burgh-By-Sands and past Dykesfield towards the Solway estuary. This section ends at the road junction to Boustead Hill.

17. Boustead Hill road to Bowness on Solway

The final walk section starts at the road junction between Dykesfield and Boustead Hill, continues along the road along the River Eden and through the village of Drumburgh, across marshland. The walk then passes through the village of Glasson before the final stretch along the edge of the estuary, finishing at a small shelter and garden in the village of Bowness on Solway, the end of the Hadrian’s Wall Walk.