Using OSM (Online Scout Manager)

The old (purple and green) My.SCOUT system has been phased out and replaced with a more modern interface – the same one that the leaders use.

The videos on this page show you what the new version can do. If you have any questions about it ask any of the leaders.

Quick Overview

Walking you through the new interface. We have enabled all the features shown in this video.

Personal Details

How to see and update the information we hold about members of the Scout Group. It is important this is kept up to date.


Check a member’s progress, see what badges they are working on and what’s left to do. It also shows where to sew them on the uniform.

Online Payments

Understanding the secure online payment system we use for subscriptions, camps and events. It even collects Gift Aid for us!

Weekly Meetings

See what’s happening week to week – where we are meeting, the activities and any badges covered. There is also a link allowing adults to sign up if they can help that night. You can use OSM to generate a Calendar subscription to add them to Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, etc. OSM refers to the weekly meetings as the Programme. One off trips and camps are listed elsewhere – as Events…

Camps and Special Events

See the upcoming camps and trips, details of the location, costs and links to sign up.