• Scouts and Cubs learn to fence
    En guarde!

Older Beavers and Younger scouts joined the Cubs at a camp at Dukeshouse Wood. They left with new experiences, new friends and a significant amount of mud on their clothes!

Pirate Time

Pirate Marra

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from Stocksfield joined members from all over Northumberland, visiting the Pirate Marra Camp.  There was a range of activities to try (though I don’t remember Captain Hook riding a segway)

Cub on a segway
Scout in mid-air about 6 metres above a huge air bag, having jumped off the taller of two platforms
Cubs demonstrating their skills on the crazy golf course
Scouts sliding down an enormous air slide

Wet, wet, wet

Tents in the trees

This year’s District Winter Camp at Kielder will be hard to forget. It was always going to be special, as it was the 25th year of the camp – resulting in a name change – Silver rather than the normal Brass Monkey – and a special badge.

The badge is made of silver stitching on a black background. It shows a monkey dressed up in winter clothes, standing in the snow. Beside it are the words SILVER MONKEY CAMP.
The Camp Badge

The strong winds and heavy rain associated with storm Desmond that caused so much havoc elsewhere this weekend, also challenged our Scouts.

Scouts in waterproofs, digging trenches around their tents,
Digging Ditches

Luckily the position of our camp in the forest meant we were sheltered from the worst of the wind if not the rain. It was a strange feeling falling asleep in a tent being pelted by rain and pine cones!

Teams of Scouts playing games indoors. The fancy dress theme was super-heroes.
Indoor games in fancy dress – Rowing Races

The staff at Hawkhirst were great and did their best to keep everyone warm and dry. The evening activities moved to a barn so the Scouts were able to shed their waterproofs, play games and forget about the weather for a while!

Cub Camp Questions

Open bell tent

If your Cub is going to camp, John is holding a meeting about it at the Scout Hut at 1pm on Saturday the 22nd of August.
He will be going through the programme, discussing meals, medicine, first aid, home sickness, friendship groups and pocket money.

You don’t have to attend but if your cub has not been away with us before the more we know about their like and dislikes the better we can care for them.

If your cub has any concerns about going and you can’t attend please let John know so we can make the best plan for your cub so they get the most enjoyment out of this camp.

Photo by imcountingufo

Flying the Flag for Stocksfield

Scouts sorting their kit

This weekend we have two patrols competing in the District “Back to Basics” camping competition. This year’s event has a farming theme, so our patrols have adopted agricultural names: the Muck Spreaders and the Midden.

Good luck to them both!

Cub Camp Photos

Climbing Cubs

The pictures below give a flavour of the challenge, excitement and fun that was had at this year’s camp at Kingswood.

  • This year we slept in a hut

Cub Camp 2014

Dukes House

This year’s cub camp will be held at Kingswood, Hexham. Some of you may know it – it’s often used by schools.

Camp will be from the 22nd to the 25th of August – the bank holiday weekend. We are booked in for a range of fun activities including bush craft, survival skills, zip wire, nature walks, fencing and a scrap heap challenge!

We will be staying in lodges and all  meals are provided. Transport will be via parents’ cars – the address is:

Dukeshouse Wood, Fellside, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 1TP – see this map.

Background image © Bill Cresswell released under a Creative Commons  CC BY-SA 2.0 License

Cub Camp 2013

Crate Stacking

These photos capture the experience better than words can

  • Topping out the climb!

Cub Camp 2014

We have a provisional booking at Moor House Adventure Centre just outside Durham. We will be going from 3pm on Thursday the 29th of August to 10am on Sunday 1st September. See for more details.

We will be camping and are planning a programme of exciting activities. This is a Scout activity centre so the activities are run by qualified staff. This will be our first time camping for four years and we are really excited about this and looking forward to teaching the cubs a range of new skills!

If your cub is interested in going the cost will be around £125 pounds. Can you please let John Walker know if your cub would like to go asap.

In the past some parents have come along to support their cub. If you feel you may want to do this please let John know, if you do come along it would be great if you could muck in and lend a hand. The cost for supporters would be £4.50 per day plus food. You will need your own tent.

More details will follow.

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