Wet, wet, wet

This year’s District Winter Camp at Kielder will be hard to forget. It was always going to be special, as it was the 25th year of the camp – resulting in a name change – Silver rather than the normal Brass Monkey – and a special badge.

The badge is made of silver stitching on a black background. It shows a monkey dressed up in winter clothes, standing in the snow. Beside it are the words SILVER MONKEY CAMP.
The Camp Badge

The strong winds and heavy rain associated with storm Desmond that caused so much havoc elsewhere this weekend, also challenged our Scouts.

Scouts in waterproofs, digging trenches around their tents,
Digging Ditches

Luckily the position of our camp in the forest meant we were sheltered from the worst of the wind if not the rain. It was a strange feeling falling asleep in a tent being pelted by rain and pine cones!

Teams of Scouts playing games indoors. The fancy dress theme was super-heroes.
Indoor games in fancy dress – Rowing Races

The staff at Hawkhirst were great and did their best to keep everyone warm and dry. The evening activities moved to a barn so the Scouts were able to shed their waterproofs, play games and forget about the weather for a while!

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