Waiting List

Places within Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will be allocated in the following priority order

  1. Children moving from the Group’s Beaver Colony into Cubs and from the Group’s Cub Pack into Scouts
  2. The children or grandchildren of leaders and full time helpers
  3. Children living within the parish of Stocksfield
  4. Children living within the NE43 postcode area but outside the parish of Stocksfield
  5. Children living outside the NE43 postcode area but who have a sibling in the same section or one of the other sections
  6. All other children

Within these groups priority will be allocated to those children who have been on the waiting list the longest.

The earliest ages that names can be registered on the waiting list are as follows;

  • Beavers – Five years old
  • Cubs – Six and a half years old
  • Scouts – Nine and a half years old

Approved by the Group Executive Committee
18th September 2013

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