Scout Hut – Conditions of Hire

As a registered charity, the Scout Group have a legal duty to protect our assets. The purpose of these conditions is to protect us against any legal liability, to ensure the security of the building, that the building is not damaged and is left in a safe, usable condition for both the Group and other users.


Scout Group – The 1st Stocksfield Scout Group, registered address – The Scout Hut, Guessburn, Stocksfield, Northumberland, NE43 7QP. Charity number 522405. For the purposes of this document the Scout Group are represented by any member of the Scout Group Executive Committee (the charity trustees).
Scout Hut – The building owned by the Stocksfield Scouts and located at the end of Guessburn, Stocksfield, Northumberland, NE43 7QP.
Grounds – the land surrounding the Scout hut which is bounded by the perimeter fence.
Hirer – Person or organisation named on the booking form.
Attendee – Any person or persons attending the event for which the Hirer has booked the Scout Hut, or dropping off/collecting another person attending the event.

Conditions of hire

  1. The Hirer must abide by the conditions set out in this document.
  2. The Hirer must ensure that any Attendee is aware of and follows relevant conditions set out in this document.
  3. The Hirer is only allowed in the Scout Hut or its Grounds during the period of hire specified on the booking form without special arrangement.
  4. The Hirer must ensure that the following maximum numbers are observed at all times
    a. A maximum of 24 people inside the Scout Hut
    b. A maximum of 30 people in the Grounds
    c. A maximum total number of 30 people on the site.
  5. At the end of the hire period the Hirer is responsible for:
    a. Leaving the premises in a clean and tidy state suitable for the next user.
    b. Ensuring that the table tops are clean and dry
    c. Returning tables and chairs to their original positions and locations
    d. Removing any food items from the kitchen area, craft area, including the fridges and freezers.
    e. Removing all rubbish from the hut and the grounds (bags are provided).
    f. Returning the room thermostat to 18⁰C.
    g. Closing and locking all windows.
    h. Turning off all internal and external lights.
    i. Ensuring all fire exits are closed and unobstructed.
    j. Closing and locking all the external doors.
    k. Returning the keys to the Scout Group’s hut booking agent.
    l. Reporting any safety concerns without delay.
  6. The Hirer and Attendees must not cause excessive noise, block access or otherwise cause nuisance to residents who live close to the Scout Hut. Please be considerate of residents especially if arriving or departing from the Scout Hut after 9pm.
  7. There is limited parking within the Grounds for people with limited mobility. Other Attendees are asked to park on the main road (Guessburn) and be careful not obstruct any of the dedicated parking for local residents or the Stocksfield Tennis Club.
  8. If the hut is left in an excessively dirty state the hirer will be liable for a cleaning fee of £100.
  9. No smoking is allowed in the hut or any of the grounds within the Scout Hut perimeter fence.
  10. No animals (other than guide dogs) are allowed in the hut or any of the grounds without explicit prior permission.
  11. The controls and settings for the heating and alarm systems must not be adjusted or disabled. The only exception to this is the room thermostat which may be adjusted if necessary.
  12. The hirer will take full responsibility for the security of the building and contents for the duration of the hire and any keys that have been supplied for the hirers use. The hirer agrees that the premises shall not be left unlocked and unattended at any time during the hire period.
  13. The Hirer is responsible for safety of Attendees who are on site during the period of hire.
  14. Any fire which occurs during the period of hire must be reported to the Scout Group.
  15. Any discharge of a fire extinguisher must be reported to the Scout Group. If the fire extinguisher is discharged without good reason the Hirer will be liable for the cost of refilling or replacement.
  16. Any breakages must be reported to the Scout Group. The Hirer will be liable for the cost of replacement items.
  17. Details of any accidents requiring the administration of first aid or professional medical attention need to be recorded in the Scout Hut accident book and reported to the Scout Group.
  18. Any damage to the fabric of the building, its fixtures or fittings and the grounds must be reported to the Scout Group. The Hirer will be liable for the cost of repairs.
  19. Do not drive nails, tacks, screws, drawing pins or other objects into any part of the Scout Hut, other than designated notice boards.
  20. Do not stick Sellotape, blu-tac or other adhesive fixings to any part of the Scout Hut without the written permission of the Scout Group.
  21. The electrical system must not be tampered with or modified in any way.
  22. The hirer must keep The Scout Association and the Scout Group indemnified against all claims in respect of damage, loss or injury of any description (other than those arising out of the acts or omissions of The Scout Association and the Scout Group).
  23. The Hirer must not use the Scout Hut or Grounds for any illegal activity.
  24. No excisable liquor shall be sold unless an Occasional License or Occasional Permission has been obtained and permission has been sought from the Scout Group in advance. The hirer is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, which must be displayed for the duration of the hire.
  25. The hirer shall be responsible for obtaining any necessary license in connection with copyright. The hirer shall indemnify the owner of the premises against any infringement of copyright that may occur during hiring.
  26. The Scout Group reserve the right to terminate forthwith any entertainment, activity or meeting not properly conducted.
  27. The Scout Group may make such additional regulations relating to the use of the Scout Hut or Grounds during the hire period as shall reasonably considered necessary.

Hire conditions last updated 17 November 2021.

These conditions are designed to promote sustainable use of the hut, not prevent it. If you have any queries about them, particularly if you feel they might prevent an otherwise fun activity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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