Thinking of Others

Everyone in the Group has been raising funds to try and finish off the new hut. At the same time though, it is important that our members also think of others. For the last three years the Scout Troop has effectively been homeless, operating out of a range of temporary locations. This was used as a stimulus for discussions about homelessness, poverty and the things we take for granted. Scouts built temporary shelters using scavenged materials. They collected donations for a local food bank. Together with the Beavers, Cubs and Leaders, they have also been learning about sanitation and have been working to twin our toilets in the new hut, to create new toilets elsewhere where they are really needed.

Page from a quiz about toilet twinning
Scouts learnt about sanitation issues in a quiz. The answer is D by the way 🙂

I am always impressed by their resourcefulness. Three Scouts raised almost enough to twin a toilet on their own through an impromptu bake-sale. The Cubs also made and sold some nice looking mince pies after their Christmas play.

A plate of mince pies, each topped with the Scout emblem
Fantastic mince pies
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