What happens when you run out?

Last night the Scouts were challenged: what do you do if you are out walking and your water bottle runs dry? They learnt how the empty plastic bottle could be fashioned into a DIY water filter, using stones, sand, charcoal scavenged from an old fire and a scrap of cloth.

Much to their amazement, when dirty brown water was poured in at the top, clear water came out the bottom. It would still need boiled, but it was the first step.

Quality Camp Food

At the weekend the Cubs were demonstrating their camping and cooking skills when they went to Whittonstall

  • Big dixies sitting atop three roaring fires
    Dinner Underway

Deep Learning

Scout diving

For the last two weeks Scouts have made the journey to the Diving Centre at East Bolden, for their Discover Scuba sessions. These have been a big hit with the Scouts and their parents – several had a go too!

If you go down to the woods today…

Camping in the forest

You won’t be alone! This weekend thirteen Scouts from Stocksfield joined 150 from the District and over 1,500 from across the UK at Hawkhirst Scout Activity Centre on the edge of Kielder Water as part of the 2019 Wintercamp.

Activities included quad biking, tomahawk throwing, zip wires, power-boating, crafts, fairground rides, mountain biking, a silent disco and a Scout version of angry birds.

Participants returned happy, tired, having made new friends and tried new activities. Plans are already underway for the 2012 camp!

Survival Skills


This weekend the Scouts braved wind and rain camping out in the wilds. They learnt survival skills – building bivvies in the woods, foraging for food, preparing and cooking wild animals, different ways to build fires, which wood burns best and how to signal for help.

A burning log, where the fire is in the centre because there are two perpendicular saw cuts running down the tank like a cross.
Making Swedish candles

Local knowledge

In the age of satellite imagery and gps, there’s a risk that people rely on this technology and don’t form their own mental maps. Not so the Stocksfield Cubs. Here they are making their own map of the village using ropes and marking key landmarks with their bodies.


Cubs sat in front of a fire engine

The Cubs had a great time at Hexham Fire Station tonight, working towards their Fire Safety Badge. Returning home they warned parents about the dangers of leaving things plugged in overnight!

Construction Update

larch cladding

Work on the hut is progressing well.
We have completed the external work of phase 2 and are busy plaster boarding the walls and getting ready for the second fix-stage.

Meeting room with newly plastered and painted walls
Walls plastered and with the first coat of paint

Much of this work is being carried out by volunteers, under the watchful eye of our builder. If you want to get involved please don’t hesitate to get in touch.